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Welcome to massage chair support.

Here you will find information regarding the legal requirments to selling massage chairs in the UK as well as details on our guarantee structure.

If you have a problem with your massage chair then you will be able to use the FAQ Knowledge Base. Or contact us using the Contact Us page.

If you are looking to further your understanding of massage chair technology or are looking for manuals then please use the Media section.

UK Regulations

We take the UK fire safety regulations very seriously and believe it is important for anyone buying a massage chair to check that the chair they are looking to purchase complies fully with the regulations. There are two different regulations depending on the intended use of the product.

For non-commercial use of a massage chair.

Domestic Fire Safety

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For commercial or contract use of a massage chair.

Contract Fire Safety

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Sterling Guarantee

Sterling Guarantee

Sterling massage chairs are supplied with either a One year or a Five year Full Parts and Labour guarantee.

To view the full details of our guarantee please click here.


FAQ Knowledge Base

The most common customer questions can be found in the FAQ. The FAQ is also available to help diagnose and solve possible problems with your massage chair.

To view the FAQ please click here.

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