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Model: ST-SC01Sterling Silver SuperCharger
SuperWave 3100 Massage System
PressurePulse 350S
£2995 + VATRecommended Retail Price:
Guarantee: Not recommended for private use

Model: ST-C01Sterling SuperCharger
SuperWave 2500 Massage System
PressurePulse 350S
P.O.ARecommended Retail Price:
Guarantee: Not recommended for private use

Model: RT-M01OEM/Branded
RT-220 Massage System
Unavailable in the UKRecommended Retail Price:
Guarantee: Not recommended for private use

Width: 80cm VFD Handset
Height: 110cm
Depth: 127cm
Depth Reclined: 185cm
Weight: 75Kg
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The Sterling SuperCharger is one of the most advanced and robust coin-operated massage chairs available. It is designed as the perfect solution for every situation where you may wish to use a coin-operated massage chair. From motorway service stations to airport terminals to offices and hotel lobby's.

Inside the SuperCharger (Silver Version) is the latest version of the SuperWave 3100 back massage system featuring a complete set of 6 rollers mounted on a rack system. This chair is premium level massage chair but adapted to be suitable for use in a commercial setting. The 6 roller system is able to reach every part of your back and is capable of providing every kind of back mechanical massage possible. The back and footrest system is mounted on a fully automatic reclining system which resets after each use of the chair.

PressurePulse 350S (Silver Version) has also been adapted and included - providing the ultimate upper leg and calf massage.

The SuperCharger can accept £1 and £2 coins to an amount specified during installation. This is easily adjusted using the removable handset used to configure the chair's features. The handset can also be used to adjust the how long the massage lasts as well as the distance the backrest reclines before the massage begins. Coins are securely stored in the side of the massage chair and can only be accessed using the keys provided.

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