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Model: ST-S170Sterling Silver Savoy
SuperWave 2100 Massage System
PressurePulse 300
£2295Recommended Retail Price:
Guarantee: Five years, Parts & Labour, Onsite

Model: ST-Y03ASterling Savoy
SuperWave 2000 Massage System
Knuckle and Paddles
£2295Recommended Retail Price:
Guarantee: Five years, Parts & Labour, Onsite

Model: RT-Y03AOEM/Branded
RT-200 Massage System
Knuckle and Paddles
Unavailable in the UKRecommended Retail Price:
Guarantee: One year, Limited

Width: 79cm VFD Handset
Height: 124cm
Depth: 128cm
Depth Reclined: 170cm
Weight: 78Kg
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New Sterling Silver Savoy

The new and upgaded model of the Sterling Silver Savoy features the latest SuperWave 2100 system. The four massage rollers positioned in the back of the chair provide you with kneading, pressing and stretching massages. This is an improved version of the successful SuperWave 2000 system featured in the original Sterling Savoy. With the system upgrade comes the ST-20b handset, providing you with much greater control of the massage as well as an LCD display which demonstrates what the chair is doing as it does it.

The Savoy now also features a PressurePulse leg massage system which replaces the direct mechanical massage systems that were originally used. This means that the seat and calf massage systems are powered by compressed air which gently squeezes and compresses the muscles to improve relaxation and blood circulation.

Last of all the upgrades is the new design. The PressurePulse 300 airbag system on the seat means that the seat is much more comfortable. The chair structure has also been completely revised to make the chair much more visually appealing.

Old Sterling Savoy

The Sterling Savoy luxury massage chair takes advantage of the technologies included with the SuperWave 2000 system. Also featuring quality leather upholstery and cushioned armrests.

The Savoy can also be placed in the most comfortable position for you using the power recline back and foot rests. The hand control allows you to choose between a kneading, stretching and pressing massage as well as position the four massage rollers at the required location.

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